Wildflower Wednesday 2019

This year, ECOSLO celebrated Wildflower Wednesday for 6 weeks, highlighting 6 wildflowers that can be found around SLO County. Scroll below to view the beautiful flowers, and be sure to get out on the trails to see the wildflowers! You can see our current docent-led hike schedule here.


Chocolate Lily

Don’t get confused, the Chocolate Lily is named for its color – not for its taste ? This flower is extraordinary, but occurs infrequently as it is difficult to grow, but a few can be spotted at Reservoir Canyon in SLO!




The Fiddlenecks name comes from its resemblance to the head of a violin or fiddle. This picture was captured earlier this spring out at Carizo Plain, but the Filddleneck can be found from March to May in places in SLO like Laguna Lake!



Baby Blue-Eyes

This annual flower can usually be found in many types of habitats throughout California, from sea level to up to 6500 ft elevation. If you’re looking for an easy wildflower to grow in your yard – this is it!



Tidy Tips

Tidy Tips belong to the sunflower family and are especially popular with its daisy-like features. Keep an eye out for Tidy Tips when hiking throughout Reservoir Canyon or Irish Hills in SLO!



California Poppy

The California Poppy was selected as the California state flower in 1890 and was made official by legislation in 1903. You can find the California Poppy all throughout SLO!



Johnny Jump-Up

The Johnny Jump Up also goes by the names Yellow Pansy or the California Golden Violet. Look out for these flowers at Islay or South Hills! While this is the last that we’re highlighting for wildflowers, we encourage you to continue to get out and explore and try to identify these wildflowers on your own, while remembering to respect the space of the plants and wildlife by staying on public trails.