SLO Green Drinks


SLO Green Drinks is a fun and friendly networking social hour at a local business to hear about important topics and meet other environmentally aware citizens.



The next Green Drinks will be in 2020!

Can you help us with ideas for speakers and locations for next year?


September 2019: Is Our Climate in Crisis?





Guest speaker John Lindsey, a local marine meteorologist and media relations representative for PG&E, spoke about scientific observations of climate change and its impact on our earth.

Some information he shared with us:

  • The 10 hottest years (globally) on record have all been since 1998.
  • In recent decades, the climate pollution (largely CO2) level in the atmosphere has shot much higher than it has been for hundreds of thousands of years. This is largely due to human causes such as burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.
  • The CO2 in earth’s atmosphere cycles between high and low trends over the course of thousands of years, while our current spike in CO2 levels has taken place over less than a century.
  • Melting ice caps, glaciers, and icebergs have been observed across the globe.
  • Land ice melting and glacier calving causes sea levels to rise.
  • You can help reduce climate pollution emissions by installing solar panels and driving an electric car or biking!

For weather updates, charts and photos, along with power outage information and other events you can follow John at:

June 2019: The Thing About Bees



Ryan Alaniz, a local beekeeper from Tierra del Cielo Farm in Santa Margarita, spoke about his experience beekeeping, the history of it, and what we can do to support local bees. Attendees enjoyed learning about bees, taste testing honey, and even saw a live beehive in action! Thanks to Dead Oak Brewing Company in Atascadero for hosting.

  • To learn more about this local beekeeper and his experience, and to even visit his farm, visit their website here.

March 2019: Climate Change and the Urban Forest



Guest speaker Rod Rodney, a Certified Arborist, spoke about climate change and the urban forest. Attendees enjoyed playing some urban forest bingo and learning about what goes into city and property planning, and the roles trees will play in combating climate change. Thanks to Beda’s Biergarten in SLO for hosting!  Some resources:

  • To learn more about the City of SLO Urban Foresty Department and what’s happening locally, click here.





January 2019: Marvin the Harris Hawk


Guest speaker Chris Cameron (former Executive Director of Camp Ocean Pines and Chair of the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival) introduced us to his Harris Hawk, Marvin. Attendees were able to learn and ask questions about these birds of prey, as well as have the opportunity to feed Marvin!  Thanks to Top Dog Coffee Bar in Morro Bay for hosting. Some resources:

  • If your school or group is interested in a presentation please contact Camp Ocean Pines.



March 2018: Create a Habitat at Home with Native Plants

Guest speakers Bill Waycott, from the California Native Plant Society – SLO Chapter and Lindsey Collinsworth Morgan from the SLO Botanical Garden joined together for the March 2018 Green Drinks gathering.  A big thanks to Lincoln Market & Deli who hosted our group that night.  Some resources:

  • SLO Botanical Garden’s Shop Hours (to purchase): Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm. You can also purchase at the Greenhouse on Tuesday mornings from 9-11am.
  • is a great resource that focuses on “Restoring Nature One Garden at a Time”

September 2017: Talking Trash & Protecting Wildlife

Guest speaker Jodi Isaacs, an Environmental Scientist at CA State Parks, shared how California beaches do not see any relief from human activity and thus picking up trash is a constant task.  She also shared the importance of protecting species such as the Western Snowy Plover.

Then guest speakers Mary Ciesinski, Executive Director of ECOSLO, and Chris LimExecutive Director of Central Coast Salmon Enhancement, shared about the importance of data-driven cleanup events such as Coastal Cleanup Day and Creek Day, and how participants could become involved later that month with both events.

A big thanks to Libertine Brewing Co. in SLO who hosted our group that night.

June 2017: SLO City Climate Action Plan

ECOSLO Board Member and Advocacy Chair Bill Bradlee opened up the event at Tap It Brewing Co. to introduce the re-launch of the local chapter of Green Drinks.  He shared about a recent trip to West Virginia, witnessing mountain top coal mining, and how local climate action work is needed now more than ever.   

Mayor Heidi Harmon from the City of San Luis Obispo joined us to share updates and recent work around the City of San Luis Obispo’s Climate Action Plan (CAP).

Below you will find a list of former SLO Green Drinks that took place between 2011 and 2013, hosted by community member Alison Cebulla.