July Hike with Jan – Reservoir Canyon

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I met up with two enthusiastic hikers for an early 7:00 am start up Reservoir Canyon on Saturday, July 16.  It was a bit foggy when we started.  By the time we got to the eucalyptus trees the fog had cleared on the east side of the canyon.  Great views of East Cuesta Ridge!  I am sad to report the swing needs some work.  Looks like one of the ropes broke.  We got to the top with a few “catch our breath” breaks.  Once on the top we discovered the fog was still thick over San Luis.  No spectacular views, but we did enjoy a little break at the stone circle seat.  On the way down we were on trash duty.  Finding toilet paper, bagged doggie poop, and more, we want to remind folks to use the “pack it in pack it out” method – whatever you bring into our beautiful open spaces, be sure to take it out.

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