Plastic-Free July Turns into a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

Last month, ECOSLO, along with thousands of people worldwide, took on a challenge for a Plastic-Free July. Throughout the month, we shared our plastic-free hacks and encouraged our followers to share theirs with us, and we were so impressed! If you’re looking for ways to reduce the single-use plastic in your life, check out our experience from this past month below. Also, we’d love for you to continue sharing your plastic-free hacks with us on our Facebook or Instagram @ECOSLO

Here’s to Plastic-Free July turning into a Plastic-Free lifestyle!


We started by swapping out those plastic single-use utensils and bringing our reusable utensils to our holiday celebrations. Whether you’re throwing a party or attending one, ask guests to BYO utensils, stock up on some from your local thrift store, or invest in a reusable bamboo utensil set! • • This simple switch may seem small, but it could spark a conversation with someone who may have never thought to make the switch.







We wanted to share with you a product that’s made our lives a lot easier and more plastic-free, and that’s reusable beeswax wrap. Beeswax wrap is a great alternative to plastic wrap, plastic baggies, and other plastic packaging. You can use it over and over again, and it’s compostable when you’re done! You can find the beeswax wrap at Mint+Craft in Downtown SLO, or even make your own! Small switches like these can make avoiding plastic fun and exciting, and it’s so easy to use.






We encourage you to rethink some of those online orders. • While it may be more convenient, online orders typically come with a lot more (plastic) waste, which isn’t always recyclable. Mixed products like these with paper on the outside and plastic on the inside, plastic film, and foam packing “peanuts” aren’t recyclable and end up in the landfill – or worse – our oceans. • So this month we ask you, is there a local option where you can get that product? Is there an alternative to that product you can use? And, do you really need it? ?



Plastic can sneak into our lifestyle in places we may not even realize, like our toothbrushes and toothpaste! Luckily, we have some alternatives to these as well. Bamboo toothbrushes are a great plastic alternative, and you can even get them locally from @islayhill dentistry. The tablet is a handy dandy toothpaste “bite”, instead of using plastic tubes – just bite into it and you’re set! You can even make these on your own.









Taking it to-go doesn’t always mean wax-lined coffee cups, plastic or styrofoam! Bring your own coffee cup, mug, jug – whatever it is you choose to drink that sweet nectar out of, on your way out! Enjoy, said nectar, wherever you go AND save a few cents! (Bonus points if you put an ECOSLO sticker on your cup) Our local coffee shops offer up to $0.50 off when you bring your own mug! ☕️







Ahh, food to go. A great innovation that allows us to eat yummy food that someone else created in the comfort of our own home or car. The only downside to this convenience is that it creates a lot of waste. Taking food to-go usually includes a box, and can also include complimentary plastic cutlery or other unnecessary packaging. We’ve been looking for more and more ways to reduce our plastic use this month, and we thought this was a great area to challenge ourselves in! . . Bringing your own reusable containers to restaurants (and donut shops, like one of our faves, SLO Donut Co.) may seem inconvenient, but with practice and conscious thought, it can be just another place in our lives that we can eliminate plastic! And let’s be honest, taking that extra second to think before you leave the house to make sure you have a reusable container with you is a lot more convenient than having tons of unnecessary plastic waste. . . We hope that you’re still enjoying this Plastic-Free July! And remember, this isn’t about one person doing it perfectly, it’s about everybody trying their best to do it and making the small life changes one at a time, mistakes and all.




Plastic free July may be over, but our plastic-free changes are still going strong! • • As we reach the end of July, we hope that you have been able to adapt some new habits to be as plastic-free as you can be, learned something new, or had a conversation with someone regarding single-use plastic! • • Refusing single-use plastic wherever you can is the first step, and if we all reduce our plastic use little by little, change will start to come. If plastic is unavoidable, find fun and creative ways to reuse it! And recycling should be a last resort, but be sure you know what types of plastic are recyclable in your area before throwing it in the recycling bin. • • Here’s to plastic-free July turning into plastic-free lifestyles ?