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Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel Comment Form

If you have a vision for the future of the 12,000 acres that surround the Diablo Canyon Power Plant, including Wild Cherry Canyon, the time to speak up is NOW.  Two meetings (August and September 2018) will be devoted to the disposition Diablo Lands, including Wild Cherry Canyon, the coastal/marine environment, and the possible repurposing of Diablo facilities.  PG&E and the Diablo Canyon Community Engagement Panel are asking for your opinion. Take a moment or more to provide input, and it will be put into the public record for the whole world to see, including the utility, the community, and all the governing agencies that have a say in the plant’s decommissioning and the future use of the Diablo Lands.  Your voice matters, now more than ever – and we need your help.


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Carrizo Plain National Monument

The Department of the Interior has approved a new oil well and pipeline at the base of the Caliente Mountains in the Carrizo Plain National Monument. This is the first new oil development approved in the national monument since it was established in 2001. The action comes just months after the controversial monument review which slashed Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments by thousands of acres. Speak up for our public lands and the rare plants and animals they were established to protect. 

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Coalition to Protect SLO County

The Coalition to Protect SLO County is a local group whose goal is to protect San Luis Obispo County’s precious resources and diverse economy through the promotion of renewable energy and the prohibition of any new oil wells or fracking in the county’s unincorporated areas. Their plan is to successfully qualify and pass an initiative at the November 2018 election which will prevent the drilling of new oil or gas wells and ban fracking on all the unincorporated lands of SLO County.

Currently the Coalition is looking for community volunteers for signature outreach and collection, especially in North County.

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City of SLO Rises Above Plastics

The City of SLO passed several ordinances curtailing the use of single-use straws, bottles and cups, effective March 1, 2018. The efforts are part of a new campaign, SLO Down Plastics – Rise Above Single Use! that aims to educate and inspire our community to rise above single-use plastic and to provide alternatives, resources, and educational support for our business community affected by these ordinances.

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Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary

ECOSLO proudly supports the designation of the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is now currently reviewing the nomination and surveying the community. Designation as a National Marine Sanctuary could help protect San Luis Obispo’s coastal ecosystems and also promote a healthy, coastal economy.

There is still time to express your interest and this will also help NOAA see that San Luis Obispo is in support of a marine sanctuary designation!

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