June Hike with Chris: Reservoir Canyon

Reservoir Canyon Hike, June 17, 2017, Lead: Evan, Sweep: Chris
We had a total of 18 people join us today. A few apparently pulled out due to the heat (I don’t blame them). Attached is the sign-in sheet and group photo.
We started at the waterfall taking the new trail up to the section that returns to the canyon, thereby bypassing the flooded eroded section on the original trail.  I have never seen so many SLO Mariposa Lilies, Calochortus obispoensis.  There were still quite a few flowers in bloom, including California-fuchsia, Columbine, Club-Haired Mariposa Lily, Golden Stars, Toyon, Palmer’s Spineflower, just to name a few. We also had the opportunity to observe a Common California Kingsnake on the side of the trail.
The canyon was more pleasant than expected with the water nearby and plenty of shade.  As we ascended toward the “Goat Herder’s” homestead we felt the heat.  At the Eucalyptus we talked about the hermit that lived at the location then returned down the way we came.  5 people decided to continue to the top so we filled up there water bottles and said our goodbyes. All in all,  it was a great hike. 

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