July Hike with Katie: Islay Hill

Islay Hill Hike: July 22, 2017, Lead: Katie Sweep: Carolyn

There were 6 non-docents on this morning’s hike, including SLO Stewards docent, Chris’s, wife and son.  We started the hike under a nice, cool marine layer, which broke about the time we reached the summit.  At this point in the summer, there weren’t many wildflowers in bloom but did see plenty of pasture tar weed and mustard plant flowers.  Carolyn pointed out several bedrock mortars where Chumash speaking Native Americans broke apart and ground acorns that were adjacent to the trail (I recently learned that Chumash is not a specific tribe but rather a group of languages spoke by the numerous different tribes ranging from Monterey Bay to Santa Barbara).  On our way down, we saw a bald eagle soaring directly above the trail a little northeast of us.

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