Irish Hills – Mariposa Trail Head September 19th 2015

Our group started off on a warm sunny sky morning, determined to make it up to Morro View Trail. We started with four people and one dog strong on our journey up. The start of the path started off relatively flat and in the shade, and then started to work its way up to the paved road. We came across dried up sticky monkey-flowers, sage plants, a California fuchsia and a few other colorful blooms.

From the road we went up 1.7 miles to Morro View at 1,031 feet above sea level we had a great view. We took different trails up, like Quickshot and then taking a detour to the Mine Trail to imagine what once was. The trail system at Irish Hills is phenomenal; they are marked very well with names and logos for each trail. The elevation gains are your choice, as there are many options, do you want a quick lunch hike, a training hike or do you just want to check out the mines (four of them out here)

There are also a few ways to get out there; you can start from the end of Madonna rd and park at the Trail head, you can go up Sterling Lane, or you can park at Perfumo Canyon and work your way up the Bog Thistle trail to Mariposa. To make an even longer hike you can start at Irish Hills and hike the Connector trail to Johnson Ranch and back.

Our group finished strong and we had a great time out on the trails, hope to see you out there next time.

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