Irish Hills – Froom Creek via the King and Canyon trails

unnamed-300x225Another gorgeous winter day in SLO county!  Just perfect for a hike in the Irish Hills.  Our group meet at 10:00 at the Madonna Rd. trailhead that leads up into the Irish Hills.  Eight hikers and one very energetic little dog joined the hike.  Many in our group found the hike on Meetup.  One of our hikers has been working on Irish Hills trails since the beginning.  Another hiker goes hiking all the time and knows about many terrific trails.  Some where learning about what our city has to offer and came from near and faraway.  An interesting, diverse, and friendly group of people.

At the trailhead we went left so we could connect with the King Trail. We wound our way up through the green hills and past oak trees.  We took the Canyon Trail to Froom Creek trail.  We went down the trail that used to be a dirt road.

This scrub/chaparral/serpentine zone was in full bloom with Buckbrush(Ceanothus cuneatus) making a beautiful and fragrant display.  At the top of the hike it was possible to hear the water in the creek and occasionally see it as well.  We ended our hike going back through the green hills, oak trees and over several dry creek bridges.

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