Green Drinks

Smiling faces and friendly conversation decorated Lincoln Deli’s sunbaked patio during SLO Green Drinks last March. Sandwich wrappers slipped away and bottle caps twisted with a zing during this good-natured networking for environmentalists. As community members settled into their chairs, speakers Bill Waycott and Lindsey Collinsworth took a stand to share the importance of establishing native plants when preserving biodiversity.

“Plants and animals are now evolving to a human-dominated environment,” said Waycott, President of the California Native Plant Society SLO Chapter.

Excluding natives from neighborhood gardens affect creatures ranging from buzzing insects to morning birds. The Central Coast, marked by a Mediterranean climate, is home to dry, hot summers and rainy winters. Charming native plants are often drought tolerant and capable of sustaining local wildlife.  

Lindsey Collinsworth didn’t need a microphone to preach about the perks of native plants brought to Green Drinks from SLO Botanical Garden. With a smile, a captivated the crowd laughed along to her glowing descriptions of yarrow’s medicinal properties and the indestructible nature of evening primrose.

SLO Botanical Garden uses recycled water from the California Men’s Colony to display and preserve diverse plant life from Mediterranean climate zones. California Native Plant Society pairs science, education, conservation and gardening to power a native plant movement.

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