Coastal Cleanup Day Top 10 Items Identified in San Luis Obispo County

Coastal Cleanup Day Top 10 Items Identified in San Luis Obispo County

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October 18, 2016

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The Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO) announces:

Coastal Cleanup Day Top 10 Items Identified in San Luis Obispo County

Next Volunteer Cleanup is Make A Difference Day

Just one month ago the annual Coastal Cleanup Day, hosted by ECOSLO, took place at 30 sites throughout San Luis Obispo County.   Over 6,500 pounds of debris was rescued from entering our oceans.  The individual item results have been tallied and the top 10 items collected throughout the county are:

  1. Cigarette Butts   17,259  
  2. Pieces of Plastic   5,193
  3. Food Wrappers   5,170
  4. Pieces of Glass  2,714
  5. Plastic Bottle Caps   2,141
  6. Pieces of Styrofoam   1,416
  7. Plastic to-go Containers   1,342
  8. Metal Bottle Caps   1,255
  9. Beverage Cans   1,197
  10. Tie between Straws/Stirrers & Forks/Knives/Spoons   1,111 each

This year volunteers collected almost twice as many cigarette butts as last year.  Items that had relatively the same numbers as last year’s cleanup, included pieces of plastic, plastic bottle caps, metal bottle caps, and straws/stirrers.  

New items to the top 10 list this year are plastic to-go containers, beverage cans, and forks/knives/spoons (which tied with straws/stirrers).  Glass and plastic beverage bottles were on last year’s list and are not on this year’s top 10 list.

The annual event, hosted by ECOSLO for the past 12 years, is part of the International Coastal Cleanup Day organized by Ocean Conservancy.

Make A Difference Day

Are you looking for another volunteer opportunity?  ECOSLO, partnering with San Luis Obispo County Parks, will host lakeshore cleanups at both Santa Margarita Lake and Lopez Lake on Saturday, October 22 from 9am to noon.  Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest single-day of service for San Luis Obispo County, yet Make A Difference Day also attracts  thousands of volunteers across the country , and creates one of the largest single-days of service nationwide.  Volunteers can learn more and signup by visiting our website – the direct link is: