Sponsorship Opportunities

You’re supporting more than a beach cleanup

Thank you for your interest in supporting our beach cleanup program. ECOSLO hosts cleanups year-round as a way to bring awareness to catastrophic problems facing our society, including our reliance on single-use plastics and the continued issues with cigarette pollution.  When you’re with us, it’s not just about picking up trash – it’s about learning ways you can reduce your personal reliance on single-use plastics to live more sustainably with our planet.  Every cleanup also focuses on data collection – you’re supporting solutions to these problems because volunteers track what is collected so we can bring light to concerns around certain items in our community, around our state, in our country and across the entire plant. Policy and human behavior changes when we are able to show proof in numbers.

Sponsorship makes our cleanups possible.  Opportunities to work with us begin at just $500 – we are also able to customize sponsorship packages.  Please contact us for more information and to get your sponsorship set up right away!  Together, we can make beach cleanups a thing of the past and living sustainably the norm.

Sponsorship Opportunities

“It was great to show my children how they can make a difference for our beach and ocean.”
– ECOSLO volunteer

“The data-driven cleanup was a great opportunity to really see the impact of trash on the beach.”
– ECOSLO volunteer

“ECOSLO is always well-prepared, clear about objectives, and very professional. ECOSLO makes me proud of our Central Coast!”
– ECOSLO volunteer

Your Company

Your business wants to support a healthy natural environment, beautiful coastlines, and opportunities for humans to live mores sustainably with nature?  Awesome!  That’s what our cleanups are about.  They are a great way to create community and connection for your team, while sharing ways your company can operate more sustainably and empower your employees to do so, too!  We’d love to partner with you in a way that works best for you and your team.  Some companies want to sponsor one of our cleanups that’s open to the public (first Saturday’s of the month), while others want to choose a cleanup day just for their company.  The sponsorship covered here lay out all those options and more.



Your Community

The San Luis Obispo community is amazing!  When ECOSLO offers opportunity for the community to care for our planet, we never have trouble finding willing volunteers.  We use beach cleanups as a way to share with the community about ways they can live more lightly – with less dependency on single-use products – and how to shift to more sustainable ways of living. During beach cleanups especially, volunteers see first-hand the troubles of trash in our community and it sparks the desire for them to make changes in their own lives. With your sponsorship, we can create more opportunity, for more community members to get involved, and for more local change to take effect that results in better protections and care for nature.

What does data-driven mean anyways?


ECOSLO relies on data cards and the international cleanup database supported by the international nonprofit, Ocean Conservancy. For nearly 15 years we have relied on their leadership in cleanup data tracking to track the data in our own cleanups. Click here to see an example of the data cards we use at all of our cleanups. The most commonly found items are listed near the top, but as you can see, a lot of data is gleaned from cleanups.  It’s interesting when we see trends for certain items in certain areas, and that is something we can bring to the attention of the local community.

When volunteers are not participating in an ECOSLO-hosted cleanup, we encourage them to download and use the Clean Swell app (developed by Ocean Conservancy) whenever they are picking up trash. This app focuses on the top 20 most common items and is an interactive, simple way to help in tracking data all year long!

Whether collecting data during an ECOSLO cleanup or using the Cleanup Swell app, this data is then uploaded to Ocean Conservancy’s online, international cleanup database, TIDES (Trash Information and Data for Education and Solutions). At this website, anyone has the ability to generate trash reports on certain locations, regions, states, and countries. Within one month after an ECOSLO cleanup is when we typically upload our data.

Thank you again for your interest in supporting our beach cleanup program.  Sponsorship makes our cleanups possible.  Please contact us for more information or to get set up as a sponsor right away!  Together, we can make beach cleanups a thing of the past and living sustainably with planet earth the norm.