August Hike with Jan, Felsman Loop

I was joined by four hikers at 7:00 am on a foggy Saturday morning. Two were locals and two were from the Bay Area.  All were enthusiastic hikers.  We set off for the the Felsman Loop.  It’s a trail with moderate elevation gains and a distance of about 2.7 miles.  Lucky for us we had a botanist who was also well-versed in critters, too.  We had a nice easy hike with many stops to investigate some very large beetles and pill bugs that were leaving interesting tracks on the trail.  Ants were busy harvesting seeds and carrying them back to the nest.  Mountain mahogany tails were putting on a display.  The highlight of the day was fishing for spiders!  We found several spider holes in the trail that had a thin layer of web at the entrance to trap unsuspecting creatures.  We stuck a grass stem down the hole and the spider grabbed it.  We all jumped and laughed at the same time!




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