April Hike with Seth – Johnson Ranch

johnson2-Seth-April2016 johnson3-Seth-April2016 We started off the morning with 12 smiling hikers and one happy dog.
We went up the trail counter clock wise, stopping to identify wildflowers and tell some history of the area. There was not much foot or bike traffic that morning, as I am sure the fog kept people inside later.
It was perfect for us as we got into the miles of hiking, the birds were chirping, the wildflowers were popping up everywhere. We identified 16 types of flowers out there on trail and in the fields.
We picked up all the trash out there, one of the younger kids even went into poison oak to get a bottle (sorry yankees hat deep in poison oak)
We spoke with multiple people on trail, helping to identify wildflowers and tell them what we were doing and to join us in the future.
We finished strong as a group, doing 3.6 miles, the sun came out and we said our goodbyes…Great group of people.
Thanks and happy trails!


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