April Hike with Jan – Felsman Loop

We had a very fun and educational hike on the Felsman Loop on Sunday, April 10.  New docent Dale brought one of my favorite plant ID books, Wildflowers of San Luis Obispo, CA, edited by David J. Keil, PH.D.  Also along were two others who had a great interest in learning more about the flora of the area.  We started our hike at 9:00, cool and overcast.  We saw one of the few things we couldn’t identify at the beginning of our hike.  A medium-large, big, fat grayish-brown bird.  The rest of the trip was more successful in identifying plants, trees and shrubs.  A total of 54!  Dale had his book open for most of the 2.5 mile hike.  We stopped so many times to identify plants we were gone for three hours.  It was very warm and sunny by the time we returned. I think my favorite plant find was skull cap.  A very well-behaved little plant with small purple flowers.  We had one more bird that stumped us on the way down.  I looked it up when I got home and found we were observing a Spotted Towhee.  A very beautiful and distinctive bird.  All in all, another great day out on the trail with good companions!
Photo 1 is us looking at cows playing on the hillside.  Photo 2 is us looking at a vernal pond at the base of Bishop Peak.

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