County Parks Volunteer Projects


Volunteer projects in partnership with County of San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation Department in 2018


2018 Total Hours Volunteered:


2018 Total Debris Collected:


Family Volunteer Day: Saturday, November 17

Project: Nature Center restoration, Lopez Lake
8 Volunteers, 24 total hours volunteered



Saturday, November 17 we celebrated Family Volunteer Day by restoring and revamping the Nature Center at Lopez Lake! Our volunteers removed old, dead plants and trash from the overgrown center, restructured the walking trail and laid down fresh wood chips. The transformation was incredible!



Coastal Cleanup Day: Saturday, September 15

Project: Beach cleanup, multiple parks locations



On Saturday, September 15 volunteers came out to locations all over SLO County for the 34th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day. Volunteers hit some SLO County Parks too! Including Cayucos Beach, Shamel Park, Avila Beach Park, Pirate’s Cove/Cave Landing, Santa Margarita Lake and Lopez Lake.


National Trails Day: Saturday, June 2

Project: Trail restoration, Lopez Lake
6 Volunteers, 12 total hours volunteered

Saturday, June 2 we kicked off National Trails Day with a trail restoration project at Lopez Lake. Six volunteers built two water bars, did line trimming and removed old steps. Everyone was tired after a hot morning, but happy, and the trails are now ready and safe to use for the summer!

Post-4th-of-July Cleanup: Thursday, July 5

Project: Beach cleanup, Cayucos Beach & Pirate’s Cove

This year for post-Fourth of July we were out at two different locations. We were out at Cayucos Pier and Pirate’s Cove the morning after Fourth of July festivities cleaning up and tracking data. 84 lbs of trash and recycle were collected at Cayucos and 891 lbs of trash and recycle was collected at Pirate’s Cove! What was the number one item collected? Cigarette butts! Food wrappers and glass pieces were the second most commonly found item at the two sites. Thank you so much to the 43 volunteers who came out and helped!

Seas to Trees Day: Saturday, April 28

Project: Tree planting at El Chorro & beach cleanup at Pirate’s Cove
37 Volunteers, 74 total hours volunteered

On Saturday, April 28th, ECOSLO held its first annual Seas to Trees Day! Six projects were put on throughout the County, from tree plantings to beach cleanups. Two of these six projects were held at SLO County Parks – a tree planting at El Chorro Regional Park, and a beach cleanup at Pirate’s Cove/Cave Landing. Six trees were planted at El Chorro campground areas, 2 strawberry trees and 4 Monterey Cypress, just in time to celebrate Arbor Day, and over 100 lbs was collected from Pirate’s Cove. Thanks to all of the volunteers that came out!

Post-Memorial Day: Monday, May 29

Project: Beach cleanup, Pirate’s Cove/Cave Landing
18 Volunteers, 36 total hours volunteered

Our first ever post-Memorial Day beach cleanup was a success! We were out at Pirate’s Cove bright and early the morning after the long weekend that marks the unofficial start to summer with 18 volunteers. We collected 450 lbs of trash, much of that including glass bottles and aluminum cans, but also a car hood and carpet!

LOVE SLO: Saturday, March 24

Project: Park Maintenance & Invasive Species Removal, Cuesta Park
20 Volunteers, 60 total hours volunteered

On Saturday, March 24 the City of San Luis Obispo celebrated a morning of volunteering called LOVE SLO. 20 community members volunteered at Cuesta Park – a SLO County park that doesn’t always get shown much love, being hidden off the freeway and by the creek! Volunteers revamped the park by painting park benches and removing an invasive plant species to bring the amazing Oak Trees to the forefront once again.

Cuesta Park: Monday, March 26

Project: Line trimming, bench painting
13 Volunteers, 39 total hours volunteered

On Monday, March 26, just two days after our Love SLO volunteer day, the group from Cal Poly Career Services came out to Cuesta Park to finish what the volunteers from Love SLO started. The rest of the picnic benches were painted (~100 in total!), hand rails were painted, more invasive plant species were removed, and line trimming was completed along the creek. The group had a great time volunteering, it was their second project that day, but they showed no signs of tiredness and got SO much done to make the park spring and summer ready.

MLK Day of Service: Monday, January 15

Project: Tree planting and park bench painting, El Chorro Regional Park
19 Volunteers, 83 total hours volunteered

On Monday, January 15, 19 volunteers planted trees and painted park benches. Eight trees were planted, and over 60 park benches were painted. The newly planted trees were placed strategically throughout the campground to provide shade for campers, and the park benches were painted in preparation of the busy spring and summer season. Thank you to all of the volunteers that came out!

Santa Margarita Lake: Friday, February 9

Project: Picnic Bench demo & builds, Santa Margarita Lake
12 Volunteers, 36 total hours volunteered

12 volunteers from the Cal Poly Women’s Soccer Team came out to Santa Margarita Lake for the second year in a row to demolish and rebuild picnic tables. We were boated out across the lake to locations that cannot be driven to, and the team broke down old picnic tables and built 10 new ones. The team seemed to have a lot of fun (especially when tearing wood apart and using the power tools!) and displayed great teamwork.