2017 SLO County Parks Volunteer Projects




2017 volunteer projects in partnership with County of San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation Department



Thanks to everyone who volunteered in 2017!


2017 Total Hours Volunteered:

2017 Total Debris Collected:

South County Regional Center: Tuesday, June 13

Project: Park maintenance, South County Regional Center
6 Volunteers, 15 total hours volunteered

Five volunteers from MINDBODY volunteered to weeds and lay down woods chips at the South County Regional Center in Arroyo Grande.  Thanks to their hard work it looks great!


Post-4th-of-July Cleanup: Wednesday, July 5

Project: Beach cleanup, Cayucos Beach
32 Volunteers, 64 total hours volunteered

With the fireworks festivities comes debris.  Over 30 volunteers picked up 242 pounds of debris from the beach, pier, and some of the streets.  It was a great to see family and friends come out to cleanup the beach together and many were able to enjoy the sighting of a couple whales in the distance!  It truly put into perspective how much cleanups are needed to ensure care for coastal habitat.

National Trails Day: Saturday, June 3

Project: Cougar Trail maintenance, Lopez Lake
26 Volunteers, 52 total hours volunteered

National Trails Day was a great success with support from CCCMB, County Parks, and ECOSLO volunteers.  Over 25 volunteers cut back brush, rebuilt water bars, and picked up trash.  It warmed up quick but the awesome volunteers got a lot done in a short amount of time.  We event got a shout-out from a trail user that morning on how much better the trail was already!


AIDS Memorial Grove: Saturday, June 10

Project: Native Garden maintenance, El Chorro Regional Park
9 Volunteers, 22.5 total hours volunteered

Nine volunteers from ASN and ECOSLO to care for the AIDS Memorial Grove.  Volunteers significantly trimmed back the grape vines on the gazebo, several old branches were cleared, line trimming was done to cut down the grass & weeds, and several of native bushes were trimmed back.  It was warm early but volunteers worked hard for almost 3 hours!


LOVE SLO: Saturday, March 19

Project: Trail & Park Maintenance, El Chorro Regional Park
16 Volunteers, 41.5 total hours volunteered

On Saturday, March 19 the City of San Luis Obispo celebrated a morning of volunteering called LOVE SLO. 19 community members volunteered at El Chorro Regional Park to complete the volunteer jobs: line trimming, painting picnic benches, and trail maintenance on the water bars.  The park is now in event better shape for day-users and campers!


National Arbor Day: Friday, April 28

Project: Tree planting, El Chorro Regional Park
8 Volunteers, 12 total hours volunteered

On Friday, April 28 seven volunteers from AFX, LLC came out to plant six trees at El Chorro Regional Park.  This volunteer group was fired up, they worked hard and efficiently!  Four redwood trees were planted behind one of the softball fields, and two red tip trees were planted along the highway.  It was a perfect day to be outdoors and celebrate Arbor Day!


MLK Day of Service: Monday, January 16

Project: Escondido Spur Trail repair, Lopez Lake
12 Volunteers, 36 total hours volunteered

On Monday, January 16, 12 volunteers from CivicSpark repaired the Escondido Spur Trail at Lopez Lake. The trail washed out a week before due to the vast amounts of rain we received (which we are grateful for!).  It’s great this trail is already back in operation thanks to these hardworking volunteers! A couple volunteers also picked up trash along other parts of the trail and the picnic area. It was great morning spent caring for our local environment in honor of the MLK Day of Service.


Santa Margarita Lake: Saturday, February 25

Project: Picnic Bench demo & builds, Santa Margarita Lake
17 Volunteers, 51 total hours volunteered

17 volunteers from the Cal Poly Women’s Soccer Team ventured out to Santa Margarita Lake on a cold morning in February to remove e old wood planks from 10 park picnic tables and rebuild nine of them. The only reason they weren’t able to get to 10 is we ran out of wood!  The team seemed to have a lot of fun (especially when tearing wood apart and using the power tools!) and displayed great teamwork.